“Award-Winning Classical Musician Turned Copywriter Fuses Showmanship and Digital Marketing for Shockingly Profitable Results”

“James – First class e-mail today… You nailed it.
19 VIP applications, and counting!
According to sales, they were all highly-qualified.

 At $25,000 per person, you do the math. High five, brother!”

 - Erin Thoms Melnick
Partner, DavidNeagle.com

From the copywriting studio of: James Clouser
Tuesday, 9:03 am

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Have you ever had a life-changing “ah ha” moment? If so, you might relate to this.

We were talking about fall plans. My wife said, “I need to create an ad for my new music class.”

My ears perked-up. “Hey, I’d like to do that!”

She was happy to put it off her plate, and give me a summer project to work on. Win-win.

I spent the next 3 months reading every book I could find on writing winning ads. It was more practice than I’d done since music school. Maybe more.

When we put the ad in the local family newspaper… it didn’t let us down. A flood of new customers signed-up for my wife’s music class!

We were excited, but I wasn’t convinced I could do it again. “Beginners luck,” I thought.

Fortunately, an opportunity presented itself to prove me wrong. My colleague, a pipe organ builder, had just acquired 4  instruments from a local university.

“I don’t know how I’m going to sell these,” he said. After telling him about my experience, I asked him to let me write ads for the pipe organs.

He was hesitant when I told him I was going to sell pipe organs over the internet. But since he didn’t have any better ideas, he reluctantly agreed.

Within a month, we sold 2 of the pipe organs and made $50k in sales.

When He Asked How I Did It, I Told Him
It Was Just Like Making Beautiful Music…

Hi. This is James Clouser, Direct Response Copywriter.

After 12 years as a professional musician, I hit a wall.

I was working full-time as the Music Director of a non-profit organization — a job I HATED — to provide for my wife and two daughters.

I didn’t want to go back on the concert circuit, as I did 10 years earlier after winning a major competition. I also didn’t want to keep working an office job in order to make a living as a creative professional.

When I discovered I could use my music skills to sell products and services online, I found my true passion and purpose. 

 If You Can Sell Pipe Organs On
The Internet, What CAN’T You Sell?

  • Do your headlines sing and captivate?
  • Does your copy express the true value of your product, service, or live event?
  • Is your audience on the edge of their seats as they approach the buy button? 

Marketing Is A Performance, And
The Audience Claps With Their Wallets

That’s what I can do for you!

When I’m not making money for my  clients, I’m working backstage on the Psych Insights 4 Modern Marketers podcast with John Carlton & Kevin Rogers…

… and handing out profitable advice …


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